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Chapter 1:   IT WILL HAPPEN 

IT WILL HAPPEN: Not by the will of man, and regardless of the understanding or approval of men, but by the word of the God of Heaven who has declared these things since the beginning, though few men know Him.  When it is finished, all doubt and ignorance of Him will be forever shattered.  All who are left will know Him.  Some very few will be warned and turn and seek this God before it is too late.  These will receive protection.  Others will turn only after terrible suffering.  Most will not survive!
There will be scoffers at first; unbelievers; those misguided by the errant wisdom of this world or corrupted by its false religion; those who hate law of morality, who feed on the greed of gain through oppression, who bring forth their offspring to the murderer and have no shame.  These will scoff at the notion that they will be brought into account for their treacheries.  As these events unfold their scoffing will turn to hatred of the messengers, as if the horrific effects engendered by their own lawless ways are somehow imposed by those who announce the rebuke of the Lawgiver.
This hatred toward the messengers and the Word of God, fueled by the Great Adversary, will intensify into the greatest worldwide conflict and conflagration mankind will ever know.  The prior world wars will pale as nothing in comparison.  About six billion people will die!  The unrepentant scoffers will not survive.
Yet for all this, unless God intervenes to save mankind, all life would be annihilated by man's own actions.  The Great Tribulation that is almost upon the world will intensify as God turns His back and removes His seals of protection and stops His blessings because of the sins and abominations of our nations.
The apocalyptic end of the present world system is an intrinsic part of the heart of man.  Witness all the end time destructive senarios portrayed in movies, the sense of looming collapse of World finances, the environmental changes and increase in destructive natural disasters, earthquakes that exceed all historic proportions, increasing crop failure and world hunger, new 'superbug' antibiotic resistant diseases and new viral pandemics, increasing instability in world politics and the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction to even terrorist enabling dictatorships.
The world is in the beginning phases of a complete change in world order.  Conditions will become so terrifying, destructive and evil that unless God Himself steps in, all life would be extinguished from planet earth.
Yes, God Himself!  God, who only is able to lay out these events from the beginning of the writing of His Word, thousands of years ago.  This work is not built on the imaginations of man but on the Word of God, the Bible.  God has long ago given the framework of the events that are soon to come to pass.  This work will speak boldly and without apology of the Word of God.  The time is short to get this message out; the time of gentle persuasion is over.  It is now urgent to be informed for those who will seek protection.
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