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Chapter 4    The Framework and the Templates

The end of this Age of Man's miserable rule and oppression, swayed by the influence and deception of Satan the great adversary, and littered with the suffering, poverty, and oppression of the majority of mankind since its creation upon the earth, is now imminently upon this present generation.  Drastic and convulsive change to the World Order as we know it is about to occur. The Bible, in several places, compares this to birth pangs.
God, the only true source of understanding, has given to His servants through Jesus Christ and His word the advance knowledge and framework of these events that must shortly occur.  God began giving this knowledge of His plan through His holy prophets from the creation of man on the earth and continued giving details, which in many cases were sealed up until the time of the end.  Finally, Jesus Christ, "the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof."  [Revelation 5:5]  Christ is the Key Revelator.
The last book of the Bible, Revelation, gives the Framework of end time events.  The very name of the book shows it to be the revealing.  Revelation 1:1 states, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to show unto his servants things that must shortly come to pass;"   Again, in Revelation 22: 6 "And he said unto me, These sayings are faithful and true: and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel to show unto his servants the things which must shortly be done.  7. Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book."
Revelation 22:10 "And he said unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand."
Notice that this book is not sealed!  And also notice to whom the understanding of the book is given; His servants.  God does have servants on this earth.  His church has been given the understanding of His plan of salvation, His purpose for human life, and has also been given the knowledge of the Framework of the events soon to transpire.
One of God's recent servants, now deceased, Mr. John H. Ogywn, wrote an excellent and very informative booklet that lays out the understanding of the Book of Revelation in a clear and orderly manner.  This understanding is vital to your survival!!  It is easily available now.  Prophecy shows there will come a time when these truths will be very hard to find when they are most needed.  Therefore the author here strongly advises the reader to obtain a copy of Mr. Ogwyn's booklet, Revelation, The Mystery Unveiled, provided by The Living Church of God.
In the center of Mr. Ogwyn's booklet, the Framework of end time events as given in the Book of Revelation is given in chart form.  It will be given here in Textual Outline form.
The Framework


The Seven Seals of Revelation
First Seal: [Rev. 6: 1-2]
White horse and rider/ False Christ - False Prophet
Second Seal: [Rev. 6: 3-4]
Red Horse and Rider/ A great sword - Anarchy
Third Seal: [Rev. 6: 5-6]
Black Horse and Rider / Famine and great want
Fourth Seal: [Rev. 6: 7-8]
Pale Horse and Rider / Disease and Pestilence
Fifth Seal: [Rev. 6: 9-11]
Religious Martyrdom of True Saints
Sixth Seal: [Rev. 6: 12-17]
Great Earthquake; Meteor type objects; Obscuring of the Heavens
Sealing of 144,000 + Great Multitude [Rev. chapter 7]
Events are suspended until this is accomplished [Rev. 7: 1-3]
Seventh Seal: [Rev. 8: 1-6] (Consists of the following Seven Trumpet Blasts and this time period is known as: The Day of The Lord)
First Trumpet sounds: [Rev. 8: 7]
Fire consumes one third of trees and all green grass.
Second Trumpet sounds: [Rev. 8: 8-9]
Mountain burning with fire falls into sea.  One third of sea becomes blood; one third of ships and sea life destroyed.
Third Trumpet sounds: [Rev. 8: 10-11]
Singular meteor type object poisons one third of rivers and fountains of waters.  Many men die of the poisoned water.
Fourth Trumpet sounds: [Rev. 8:12]
Sun, Moon, and Stars obscured for one third of day and night.
Angel proclaims the remaining three trumpets to be 'three woes' [Rev. 8: 13]
Fifth Trumpet sounds/ First Woe [Rev. 9: 1-12]
'Locusts' wield the Beast's military power.
Sixth Trumpet sounds/ Second Woe [Rev. 9: 13-21][Rev. 11: 13-14]
4 Angels loosed, 1/3 of mankind slain, 200 million man army, apparent nuclear exchange.
Seven Thunders [Rev. 10: 1-4]  (God has sealed the events and/ or information of the seven thunders until the event occurs.  We are only given the timing in the sequence that it will occur)
Seventh Trumpet sounds: [Rev. 11: 15-19]
Kingdom of God proclaimed.
Jesus Christ returns
The Resurrection of the Firstfruits
The Seven Last Plagues [Rev. chapters 15-16]
1.  Sores afflict those who accepted the mark of the Beast.  [Rev. 16: 2]
2. Complete sea turns to blood. [Rev. 16: 3]
3. Rivers and fountains turn to blood. [Rev. 16: 4-7]
4. Mankind scorched by intense heat from the sun. [Rev. 16: 8-9]
5. The Beast's seat of government is afflicted with darkness. [Rev. 16: 10-11]
6. The Eupharates is dried up; world's armies gather to Armageddon.
7. The earth is utterly shaken, great hail, Christ fights the Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty.
The Kingdom of God Established



The Book of Revelation gives the Keys to opening the understanding of all the other prophecies of the end time that were sealed until the time of the end.  However there are several templates that God gives in His Word that add, duration, sequence, detail, reason and historical context that bring into clear focus the purpose and plan that God is working out with mankind.
Each of these templates brings another aspect of understanding to the end time events and each layer of understanding overlaid the framework brings out an ever clearer picture.
In this current chapter, some of these templates will be briefly identified and described.  In following chapters much more detail will be added.
Templates from God's Word
The Sabbath and the seven day week:  It is no coincidence that God established the seventh day Sabbath and the seven day weekly cycle at the creation of man.  There is no astronomical reason for a seven day weekly cycle except that God established and ordained it.  Yet almost every culture of mankind has kept a seven day cycle.  God established this for a purpose.  The true Sabbath day will be a huge factor at the end times.  More on this will be addressed in later chapters.  For background understanding of the Sabbath the author recommends Which Day Is The Christian Sabbath by Roderick C Meredith.
The True Holydays of God:  The purpose and plan of salvation of mankind is revealed by the True Holydays of God.  Without this knowledge mankind is blind to God's plan.  These are the same Holydays that were kept by Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the early church.  They are also the same Holydays kept by God's little flock today.  Three of these Holydays have direct bearing and meaning associated with the events just ahead and God's purpose being worked out.  The author recommends The Holy Days: God's Master Plan for gaining understanding of the Holy Days.
The Covenants of God:  God Keeps Covenant!  His Covenants are Divine Ordained Dynamics which work as inexorable laws in the affairs of men.  He has made covenants with the 'Fathers' of the tribes of Israel; the ancestors of the modern day English speaking nations of Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and Canada.  Our nations rose to prominence and power because of God's covenants.  They will also be brought down because our nations have not kept our part.  The Covenant has blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience to God's laws and statutes.  We are now beginning to reap the curses.  The end time events will be orchestrated according to God's will.  He will bring our peoples into the Bond of the Covenant.  The curses, in five levels of degrees of punishment for disobedience, are listed in Leviticus 26.  This template gives great insight into the conditions just ahead.
The Testimony of Jesus Christ:  God the Father is the True Source of all all true prophecy.  Jesus Christ is the Key Revelator!  He alone was worthy by His awesome sacrifice to receive the Book of Revelation containing the final framework from the Father.  The Father has given understanding to Him and He executes the will of the Father and gives understanding to His servants.
The Image of Daniel 2:  This image revealed the major gentile empires from the empire of ancient Babylon down to the modern era.  This prophecy has been fulfilled with amazing precision to date and there are remaining elements that reveal much understanding about the end time governments.
The Prophecy of Daniel 11:  This is a very precise prophecy in which God called out specific events of the major world empires from that of Persia when it was written until our modern day and extending through the time just before us.  This prophecy has been fulfilled in remarkable detail to the point of the present.  It adds considerable detail to the end time framework.
The Days of Daniel 12:  Here God gives specific time lengths from specific events to the time that Daniel would rise in the first resurrection, which will happen at the seventh trumpet blast at the return of Christ.  This is of considerable importance in putting the sequence of events in order.
The Psalms of Degrees:  Psalm 120 - 134.  These give insight into the repentance, return from captivity and re-establishment of Israel from the Great Tribulation.  They also overlay the Feasts of the Seventh Month.  The discussion of this template is given in Chapter 8, The Remnant of Israel; 144,000; and the Elijah under the heading: The Template of The Psalms of Degrees.
The Seven Churches of Revelation 2-3:  This gives insight into the history, attitude, and work of God's Church since its establishment.  Four of these 'eras' of the church will have a part in the end time.  More on the work of the church in the end time in a later chapter.
The Woman and the Dragon of Revelation 12:  This gives insight about the warfare God's aversary, Satan, has waged against God's true servants, the pervasive extent of his deception, the place of safety prepared for God's zealous Church and the 'remnant of her seed'.
The Beasts of Rev. 13 and the Great Whore and Beast of Rev. 17:  These prophecies reveal Prominent Entities of the end time, their power source, structure and agenda.
These Templates will provide the matrix for sequencing the major events of the end time.  Other prophecies will then provide great detail and description for those events.  There is a large volume of data to present for the sequencing and description of these events.  There are concurrent events, varying duration of events, varying circumstances for different individuals, nations or groups, differing agendas, causes, attitudes, and effects.  But there is One Great purpose being worked out; One who is orchastrating all for His purpose.  One who has given the Framework and the Templates of the events to bring about His Purpose.
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